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NIRS Research at CIBSR

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Imaging the Brain During Exercise

The Brain Research, Exercise, and Fitness (BrExFit) Lab at Stanford's Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research (CIBSR) is conducting a study of the effects of exercise upon brain function in adolescents with and without attention problems.

If you are aged between 13-22 years old and are able to participate in moderate to vigorous cycling exercise you may qualify for this study. To see if you qualify for the study, please fill out our eligibility survey and we will reach out to you.

What to expect:
This study involves 3 sessions (lasting up to 3 hours each). Participants will have their breathing and heart rate measured, complete self-report questionnaires and computerized tasks, before, during and/or after cycling-exercise. Noninvasive near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), which involves wearing a headcap to measure brain activity, will be applied.

Contact Information:
For more information please contact our research team at:

NIRS Diabetes Study

We are interested in using a novel brain imaging technique (fNIRS) to study the brain in children with Type 1 diabetes who are transitioning to a hybrid closed-loop system.

  • Ages 7-17
  • Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes
  • Starting on a hybrid closed-loop system (but has not started yet)
  • Able to travel to Stanford Children's Diabetes Clinics
What to expect:
This is a longitudinal study that will require to meet at 3 different time points: Baseline, 3 months and 6 months after starting hybrid closed-loop system. At each time point there will be one remote session to carry out assessments and surveys (~1.5 hours) and one in-person session to carry out the NIRS scan (~1.5 hours).

Contact Information:
For more information please contact our research team at: or (650) 498-4976

GirlBAND Study

The Girl BAND (Behavior And Neuro-Development) study is an NIH-funded research project aimed to increase our understanding of the brain during a critical time of a child’s growth. Information learned from this research can ultimately contribute to an increased understanding of learning, behavior, and emotion facilitating the development of intervention services/therapies.


Girls from ages 6-14

What to expect:

NIRS Scan (safe, non-invasive, no x-rays/radiation) with mom + daughter


Potential Benefits:

You will receive up to a $50 Amazon giftcard

Contact Information:

For more information please contact our research team at: or (650) 660-5372. You can also complete our survey if you are interested in participating.